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Free or Best Offer: best way to sell and/or give work? Free or Best Offer: best way to sell and/or give work?

I have a comic I’ve been making in my spare time and I’d like to give away an chapter for free in an HD PDF format to try to generate buzz. But being broke and expecting interest mostly from friends, I would love to have some sort of payment option if the buyer feels so inclined.

Nerds in Action - Science March Nerds in Action - Science March

As many I’m sure have heard, there is a Pro-Science (or maybe more accurately, an Anti-Anti-Science) Protest in the works to denounce the ‘alt-fact’ and anti-intellectualism rampant in the new White House, especially in regards to climate change. I’m not sure how many Trump supporters frequent this site, but whatever…

Same Sex Power Couple In the MTG Commander Set Same Sex Power Couple In the MTG Commander Set

After just releasing a block set in the Pan-Asian inspired plane of Kaladesh, it’s pretty clear the card game Magic the Gathering is no stranger to diversity. They also revealed through a short story that Alesha, one of the characters from Tarkir lives as a trans woman and is firmly welcomed by her warrior tribe. …

Lovecraftian Reference Request Lovecraftian Reference Request

I’ve been working on some eldrich art, and there is something I remember from the internet that I’m having trouble finding. It talked about how Lovecraft was heavily inspired by recent discoveries in science, particularly (lithographs?) of a certain type of sea life. I’d really like to use that same inspiration as a…

Why have I not heard Dragons are coming to New York? Why have I not heard Dragons are coming to New York?

“WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS?!” you ask? They’re chilling in Union Square, naturally. According to DNAinfo, HBO will be hosting a “Dragon Landing” installation in Union Square Park on March 15th as part of the promo roll-out for the highly anticipated sixth season of Game of Thrones.

Nostalgia - Right back at ya Nostalgia - Right back at ya

I’m trying to do this piece on nostalgia focused on things coming back to TB from the 80s, 90s, and 00s. Figured it would be helpful and, dare I say, fun to crowdsource some of it. I know I09 has featured a bunch of stuff about things like the Powerpuff Girls and Power Rangers coming back soon, and I know Nickelodeon…

Miss Universe National Costumes Miss Universe National Costumes

Saw this on imgur and had to share. Plenty would fit right in among super heroes, star trek aliens, Face Off contestants, or in the Hunger Games. But it’s especially nice that so many of them draw inspiration from their own traditional culture, showing off a unique range of beauty. Character designers take note

Help me O-Deck, You're my only hope Help me O-Deck, You're my only hope

We’re starting to do a series of cinemagraphs at work- and I went through a phase of obsession with the moving pictures (that I’m not really over) so I’m pretty stoaked. Anyways, I remember there was this one site that had the BEST ones, and seemed to be one of the first in the trend. It had an odd name, something…

Gravity Falls News Gravity Falls News

Tragety trigger warning. From the creator of Gravity Falls:

Favorite Scifi/Fantasy Race Designs? Favorite Scifi/Fantasy Race Designs?

Trying to get some inspiration for a project, so what are some of y’alls favorite designs for non-humans? They don’t necessarily have to be humanoid, or it could be just one really cool looking dude. Just trying to get some cool ideas that look more than a guy in a rubber suit. (Even if that’s what it is)