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A Skateboard Made From Bulletproof Glass Must Be Indestructible

The last time the amateur scientists at Braille Skateboarding tested a deck made from a sheet of glass, it shattered as soon as they stepped on it. But when it was upgraded to bulletproof glass instead, not surprisingly, the second attempt at making a see-through skateboard was far more durable—almost to the point of…

Watch bulletproof glass get crushed and eaten by a shredder

Yum. If I were a giant shredder, I can’t imagine many things more fun to crush and destroy and eat than bulletproof glass. The way it completely shatters into glass dust, the fight it gives because it’s so strong, it’s all so damn satisfying. Watch the destruction below, as the shredder takes down all the ballistic…

How does 45 layers of bulletproof glass stand up against a firing RPG?

Can 45 layers of bulletproof glass—45 layers that combine to make a 16-inch thick bullet stopping wall, mind you—survive against a RPG-7 rocket launcher? The idea is to find out if it’s possible to use bulletproof glass to armor a tank against anti-tank weapons such as a RPG.

Here's how you make glass bulletproof — on only one side Here's how you make glass bulletproof — on only one side

We're used to thinking of things as either/or -– especially when those things are panes of bulletproof glass and we're sitting behind them. How do people make glass that can stop a bullet one way, but let bullets fly through them another way? We'll take a look at the physics of bulletproof glass.

Determined Bank Robber Proves That "Bulletproof" Doesn't Mean "Axe-Proof" Determined Bank Robber Proves That "Bulletproof" Doesn't Mean "Axe-Proof"

Let's say you really, really need to rob a bank, like in under four minutes. But there's all this pesky bulletproof glass between you and the terrified tellers! If you can relate, take a tip from this industrious Chinese bank robber, who understands that "bulletproof" glass doesn't mean you can't axe the bejeezus…