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TV Question: TV Question:

What shows aren’t streaming that you really wish would be? Mine are Everwood, Third Watch, Avonlea, & Two Guys, A Girl, & A Pizza Place. I’m hoping that by the time Guardians of the Galaxy collides with The Avengers, Everwood will be streamable.

The 100 and How To Alienate Your Audience The 100 and How To Alienate Your Audience

It took a while, but I’m pretty sure I’ve organized my thoughts on The 100. I’m not watching tonight, but that’s more because I’m in the middle of a binge of something else. I’m not boycotting it after the shitstorm that’s swirled since last week. Let’s talk about that, though. Spoilers.

Thoughts While Watching 7 Seasons of Skins: a Listicle Thoughts While Watching 7 Seasons of Skins: a Listicle

This should be fun! It seems like lots of British actors doing stuff now were on this show at some point, so it really is time to watch this show. (Nothing but spoilers, from here on out)

Urgh. Urgh.

I like The 100. Sometimes, I fucking love it. Sometimes, I am disappointed by its choices. (spoilers)

Roswell Rewatch: Thoughts Roswell Rewatch: Thoughts

I remember I liked this show, that it got weird a couple of times, but I don’t remember much else. It’s been a while since I rewatched one of those I only vaguely remember. It’s like seeing something new! I’ve made some of the most fun realizations, knowing now what I didn’t know then.

All of the GOT Thoughts All of the GOT Thoughts

I finally caught up on Game of Thrones, and I have some thoughts. (spoilers ahead, possibly)

Thoughts While Watching Nashville Thoughts While Watching Nashville

I’ve been meaning to catch up on Nashville, since it seems like my cup of tea. It’s about musicians in Nashville, livin’ the lives country songs are written about. I meant to watch it last summer, so I could watch season 3 live, but life happened, and it got bumped down the list. A little over a week ago, I realized…

You should be watching.... You should be watching....

Is anyone else watching Graceland? The premise is a bit silly, but fun, in a crime-show kinda way. (Agents from the FBI, ICE, & DEA all living & working together in a seized property on the beach in SoCal.) I really enjoy it, because the women are confident and vulnerable, make decisions, and live with the…

New Obsession New Obsession

Who here is watching Poldark? You know what I’m talking about. Who here ISN’T watching Poldark? You should really remedy that.

That's Some Good TV, Right There That's Some Good TV, Right There

Orphan Black Noooooooooo!! I mean, YES! but also nooooooo! (spoilers ahead)

Orphan Black Rewatch, with bonus gifs Orphan Black Rewatch, with bonus gifs

After this week’s episode, wherein we got some Sarah-Paul scenes (not a spoiler—it was in the preview), I decided it was time for a rewatch. I started season 1 right after, and I gotta say—I miss Helena’s music. *spoilers in comments*

On Being Human UK On Being Human UK

While I love the way British shows have an amazing ability to cycle through their casts while sticking to the theme and the story, I'm not sure they stuck to the story on this one. And can we agree, Promo Photos are hilarious as a concept? Spoilers.

Thanks, Y'all: A Scientific(ish) Study Thanks, Y'all: A Scientific(ish) Study

I started watching Being Human UK, because I think it's hilarious that there's a dwarf with The Smolder in The Hobbit movies. People have insisted That Particular Smolder cannot be contained, and recommended this show. I've decided that I agree with these people.

Vikings on History Vikings on History

Has anyone else noticed how this show has fully embraced the Unfortunate Haircut? The women have been mostly left out, but the men are suffering fully in their Unfortunate Haircuts.

Who Watched This Week's The 100? Who Watched This Week's The 100?

Let's talk about it. I have thoughts, as I'm sure you do, too. (spoilers)

Let's Talk About HTGAWM Let's Talk About HTGAWM

I know it's not on till tomorrow, and it's almost the season finale, but I was thinking about it today. Parts of it are awesome, and parts of it are severely lacking. What have you loved/loathed? (Spoilers & gifs) Here's mine:

A Public Service Announcement A Public Service Announcement

Cybill is streaming on Hulu. For the unfamiliar, Cybill is a sitcom from the mid- to late-90s about Cybill Sheridan (Cybill Shepherd)—aging actress, former star—and her two ex husbands, two daughters, and utterly fantastic best friend (Christine Baranski). Cybill takes whatever job keeps her working as her stardom…

Yeah Smart Feminist Show! Yeah Smart Feminist Show!

Smart Feminist Show is what I'm calling The 100 now. It's an apt description. Who saw it? Who wants to talk about it? Enter the Spoiler Room.

Thoughts on Arrow Thoughts on Arrow

(spoilers) I watched tonight's episode and am still baffled that everyone seems to be okay with Malcolm Merlyn. No one is forming a queue to kill him. This seems weird, but okay. As I pondered this strange behavior, I came across a great article on Felicity Smoak and her awesomeness.

My Favorite!! Repeats Itself My Favorite!! Repeats Itself

Tonight's episode of Parks & Recreation reminded me in many ways of one of my favorite episodes of Battlestar Galactica. They have the same bones. I am so HAPPY!!! Allow me to explain... (spoilers for both ahead)

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