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Teutonic Tuesday: Parks & Rec Edition Teutonic Tuesday: Parks & Rec Edition

Quick look this week at a Baja Bug from Matchbox’s National Parks livery series.

Back to the Future: Sunstar Edition Back to the Future: Sunstar Edition

Growing up, Back to the Future was one of the most influential franchises to me, alongside Star Wars and Herbie the Love Bug. For many of us, the DeLorean time machine is the true star of the movies. This 1:18 Sunstar is of the Part II version. The car got two important upgrades after it traveled to the future: the…

Teutonic Tuesday: Fahrvergnügen Edition Teutonic Tuesday: Fahrvergnügen Edition

Was doing some cleaning and came across this Golf in a forgotten corner. This is one of my favourite Golfs, but I couldn’t remember where I’d stored it!

Teutonic Tuesday: Hebmullers Teutonic Tuesday: Hebmullers

By popular request, here are the rest of the Hebmullers in my collection.

Double Feature: Blue Horse Edition Double Feature: Blue Horse Edition

Here’s a rare theme for toy cars: horses! As someone who lives on a horse farm and trains horses, I was super excited when Matchbox made not one but two models with a horse trainer deco a few years ago. Even better, it’s a VW Bus and a stepside Chevy.

Teutonic Tuesday: Busch Edition Teutonic Tuesday: Busch Edition

Last week we were treated to some fantastic little Busch models, and I promised to show off mine this week. So here they are!

Double-Feature: Sema Edition Double-Feature: Sema Edition

One of my favourite things to do with my collection is to match up cars with trucks and vans and haulers with similar colour schemes or graphics. In this case, we have a team that was purposely made by Hot Wheels. You guys might remember that at Sema 2013, HW revealed a 1:1 Ford Transit Connect and Rip Rod:

Five Pack Find Five Pack Find

Found a new stunt team five pack yesterday. The highlights? The Baja Bug and Monster Dairy Delivery. The graphics aren’t anything special, but the Bug is a nice bright white, and the DD has a metallic green.

Teutonic Tuesday: Double Cab Bus Teutonic Tuesday: Double Cab Bus

Hey everybody, today I have one of my favourite Bus variants: the double cab pickup. This version also comes with a canvas cap for the bed, which is also one of my favourite features. This particular Bus is a 1:24 from Jada’s For Sale series, which featured matte paint, fake rust and dirt, and usually at least one…

A Shelby for Sunday A Shelby for Sunday

Hello everybody, tonight I have another one of my favourite cars: the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe. I won’t bore you too much with the history of the real car, but there were six original cars and they had a short but successful racing career before Ford decided to switch their focus to the GT40. This Hot Wheels version…

A look at the HW Boulevard Bug A look at the HW Boulevard Bug

Hello everybody! This is my first post here, so I thought I’d start with one of my very favourite cars in my collection: the VW Bug from the Hot Wheels Boulevard line. The biggest thing for me is the colour, which I can only describe as a “lime-olive” metallic. It’s a pretty unique colour, and shows off the Bug’s…