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Baby's home Baby's home

New rear brakes. I did not do a disc conversion (yet).

Daisy interrupts Toby Tuesday with a message to chill Daisy interrupts Toby Tuesday with a message to chill

These dogs have opposite views of life.

Morning at my house Morning at my house

There is a routine.

I encourage you to read this

I think this is a very interesting, and mostly dead on analysis. A good read.

Have fun with your cars Have fun with your cars

Good morning, Oppo. Sunchaser goes in for rear brake drums and shoes today. I have often considered converting the rear to discs, but most Celica people seem lukewarm on the upgrade. The car isn’t very heavy, and they say there isn’t much improvement.

Healthy habits and hobbies Healthy habits and hobbies

I have lost over 50 lbs, and feel pretty good. I am now officially a less fat fat guy, but I am hoping to continue the downsizing trend and enter a new demographic in time.

I bought a thing I bought a thing

This is a really nice chair.

Toby is done with this Cars & Coffee Toby is done with this Cars & Coffee

He is not feeling it today. Does NOT want strangers touching him today. Normally he is very laid back, but today he wants his space.

Breaking news! Breaking news!

Sorry for the quick post, but my neighbor got a Model 3. He was polishing thr door sills.

Oops Sunchaser Oops Sunchaser

It just kinda happened. Sorry.

Cars N Coffee Insanity Cars N Coffee Insanity

I want to go, but I have to get up early to make it. The drive is about an hour through the country, which should be lovely at dawn. I have the homecoming football game for my younger son who is in the marching band tonight, and this will be our first chance to see him in full uniform. And I have to find time to clean…

Sunchaser MIA Sunchaser MIA

I got up yesterday with plans to take the Sunchaser. When I started it, there was a terrible squealing sound like a belt problem, and the smell of burning rubber. I did not really have time to investigate because I had to get to work. When I got home, the car started and sounded fine. With limited time, I rushed to…


This is why a Celica must be a 100% Toyota with a Toyota engine.

Stop lying, Toyota

Rebadged Subarus and BMWs are not iconic Toyotas, no matter how much nostalgia you invoke. I hate this.

Teenagers keep you humble

We made national news for smacking down the UFW, and I even got a nice mention. It is weird for me to get positive press, as I am usually the villian in these stories.

Do you like this Sunchaser? Do you like this Sunchaser?

Not my style at all.

Toby Tuesday is late Toby Tuesday is late

He wants to play this morning.

To Sunchaser, or not to Sunchaser To Sunchaser, or not to Sunchaser

We are having nice weather.

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