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Breitling Navitimer

Where I keep my cars Where I keep my cars

No garage, but lots of space.

I have some traveling to do I have some traveling to do

I am going to drive to the coast tonight to pick up my son’s car. (CaptDale, I will be texting you about this.) He will then drive it home tomorrow, and I will head to Gonzales to do an I-9 training Thursday morning, before heading back to Fresno - departing by noon. Normally, I would take the Sunchaser for a trip…

My mornings are full of animals My mornings are full of animals

I am always the first one up, and in the summer when it is nice, I like to have my coffee outside. The animals tend to hang around, and it’s nice. Pumpkin likes to survey her domain from above, as is fitting of her station.

Keep Oppo Dusty Keep Oppo Dusty

I was driving the Sunchaser in 100 degree heat, and this came on the radio.

Good Morning Good Morning

Busy day ahead.

Hot and staying hot [UPDATE] Hot and staying hot [UPDATE]

It has been over 100 degrees every day since July 6, which is a run even for us.

Vespa day Vespa day

I want to switch these clear signals to amber. Also, change oil and filter, change gear oil in transmission. I need to pull the crash bars off. The rear just need to be re-mounted, the front will test my ability to bend them back (especially the bent mounting bracket). I wonder if any Oppo knows anyone good at…

I got distracted and drove my car I got distracted and drove my car

I postponed Vespa wrenching. My car looks too good all shiny in the sun not to go for a spin around town.

Do you think I can do it? Do you think I can do it?

One more cup of coffee, and I get to work.

Shame on me. Shame on me.

I am going to drive the dirty Sunchaser, something I try to avoid.

Well, it's Friday Well, it's Friday

I am ready for this week to be over. I am interviewing attorney candidates this week, as one of my best young attorneys has been poached. No one here gives a shit about my problems.

My small contribution to the immigration debate

Today, I go to Merced to give a presentation on immigration law and I-9 compliance to a bunch of small farmers, mostly dairies.

My car My car

Bet you were expecting a Sunchaser.

Good Morning Good Morning

Daisy says hi. She strongly encourages you to seek out some cuddle time today. She feels that this is very important.

Down on the farm Down on the farm

I get to have fun today. I am visiting a client’s farm, which is one of the best parts of my job.

I bet you won't notice, but I will I bet you won't notice, but I will

I put LEDs in the instrument panel, including replacing the burnt out bulb behind the “climate control.” I also cleaned the built up dust from inside the gauges. They sound like small details, but they are big to me.

Pumpkin is a small animal Pumpkin is a small animal

Here is a sense of size. Admittedly, Kirby (in the middle) is enormous, but Max (black cat) is normal size. Pumpkin bullies Max every day. I love her, but she is not very nice.

Good morning Good morning

It is just a house full of animals and me this week, as the wife and kids are gone. My oldest is at North Texas University for jazz guitar camp, and the younger and Mrs. IM are in the Bay Area visiting her mom, then off to Seattle to visit her dad. I am handling cars and dogs.

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