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Dogs do not understand insomnia Dogs do not understand insomnia

They do, however, appreciate an early breakfast.

Merry Xmas Oppo Merry Xmas Oppo

Chihuauha Claus

Have a great driving song Have a great driving song

My absolute favorite. I love the Meat Puppets so much.

My plates are here! My plates are here!

Nothing special. Stock California plates. Makes me feel official. I feel no need to block my plates because that would be blocking something that is intended to be publicly displayed. It seems silly to hide it.

Toyota, we need to have a word

I am not opposed to joint venture efforts, which are the nature of the auto business these days it seems. But I do not like the cynical marketing of resurrecting classic models like Supra and MR2 for these efforts. The original cars were a product of Toyota’s individual design and engineering vision. I was fine with…

Thinking about riding the Vespa today Thinking about riding the Vespa today

I haven't ridden in a while. Going back and forth between the GTI and Sunchaser is really weird. These are two cars that could not have more different character. I think you notice it more with manuals because you engage so much more with the car, and you really feel the engine and transmission more. It's early and I…

Sorry but I am too excited!

My son got the audition for jazz guitar at UNT!!!

I gone and done it I gone and done it

I ordered some Secret Senna stuff. I might have gone a little overboard....

Good Morning Good Morning

ItI will not be buying that Toyota truck from FB. CaptDale went and took a look.

Why do you want to go to work? Why do you want to go to work?

He is very persuasive.


[UPDATE]. Project #thatsastupidfuckingidea is in motion. I have contacted the seller, and our own intrepid CaptDale is going to take a gander for me. Could the stork be coming for XMas with a new baby? Or will Mrs. IM pull the plug? Stay tuned, Oppo.

Workin' from home; AMA Workin' from home; AMA

I screwed up my own calendar, because I am an idiot. I thought I had a cardiologist appointment today, but it is Wednesday. I am punchy because I was out late volunteering to work the beer stand at the Metallica concert. (Marching band fundraiser) I am working from home. I just wrote a side letter that not only saved…

Why do you torment me? Why do you torment me?

I could buy one of these and stash it at a friend’s place without telling my wife...

Anybody like Harry Nilsson? Anybody like Harry Nilsson?

This has been stuck in my head all day.

My heart of stone was moved My heart of stone was moved

The nature of my work is such that most of what I hear about myself is negative. I have built my business dealing in what are essentially radioactive labor disputes. What press I get is usually negative, and many folks I meet don’t view me warmly. I have even lost some friends over these things. It isn’t pretty, which…

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