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Is it too soon to swap out Bandit’s car, and maybe put Irv Gordon’s illustrious 3.2-million-mile P1800 in its place?

What the hell, brain?

Not car-related, just 3AM personal story time. Probably not worth the read.

Thinking about displacement

I’ve never had an engine over 3.0L in displacement in any car I’ve owned or daily-driven.

Conspiracy theory: NHL edition

I’ve been saying all season that it seemed that the NHL was helping the LVGKs get by, and that it wouldn’t be beyond the league to ensure the GKs got to the Stanley Cup Finals to make headlines.

Weekend update: Subtle modernization Weekend update: Subtle modernization

Got some wheel center caps for my gen-1 XC90 this week. They’re the newest style, with the black background behind the VOLVO text on the Ironmark, which IIRC Volvo started using when the new XC90 came out a few years ago.

PSA: Smartphone Car Mount Edition

Don’t place your magnetic smartphone holder above where the ignition key/button is.

BoxRocket: Now with more Box

I traded in my Mazda6 and bought the XC90 I posted about last week! Photos coming soon.

Good idea; Bad idea: Volvo XC90 edition.

My work acquired a 2006 Volvo XC90 2.5T AWD that’s going to our wholesale/auction lot. I had them put a hold on it for me because it’s in stunningly good shape, and I’m contemplating buying it before it goes to auction/wholesale.

RCR drives a 2.0L Mazda V6

and it sounds glorious.

Finally installed Project CARS...

...and did appallingly bad driving a P1 around Dubai and a few other courses.

Today feels like a good day... gather the dogs back from the couch and go back to the warm bed and sleep.

After mostly sitting for 2.5 years...

...I got my wife’s Mazda6 mobile again.

Almost as safe as a Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust.


Are they legal to import to the U.S.? Getting conflicting information.

Did I do the right thing?

•edit: TL;DR summary at bottom. It got longer than I expected (phrasing! Boom!).

Sense of Accomplishment: High

Sand and polish headlights: Check.

Hooray for Space Heaters

I grew up in a house that was just younger than my parents’ marriage by a few years (late 1970s). As such, one of the things that I didn’t realize was so effective was the HVAC system in that relatively-new house, especially until I bought my own house, which is almost as old as my parents themselves (context!). So…

FP: Good news, everyone!

I’d hoped to post before other sources shared it, but that’s the cost of being at work. Even still...

Contemplating Car Purchase (Long-Winded Musing Within)

Earlier this year I bought a 17-year-old orange Mazda6 sedan on a whim, because I loved the color, and already had a Mazda6 that was a year older and 12k miles more worn. The color never fails to make me smile, she’s in good shape, and passed the state inspections no problem, and has no quirks that aren’t easily…

2019 XC40: My Interpretation 2019 XC40: My Interpretation

I’m pretty excited about the new XC40. Volvo’s one of the European underdogs against the well-regarded and popular Germans. Their newest wares under Geely’s ownership have been excellent, and the XC40 looks to continue that trend.

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