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Mechanical Issues: Input/thoughts/theories requested Mechanical Issues: Input/thoughts/theories requested

So the Fiesta ST has been handling badly recently. I replaced the bent rim, but the steering is still loose when turning right and the car tracks all over the road. I know that the ST’s have a desire to wander, but this is pretty bad. It’s even more pronounced on your shitty American roads. I drove 14 hours yesterday…

PNW Oppo Cruise PNW Oppo Cruise

As mentioned by a few others, today was our Spring PNW Oppo Cruise! A great turnout with lots of awsome people and cars. I look forward to the footage from Eric & Studystudystudy as well as studystudystudy’s pictures!

'Night Oppo 'Night Oppo

Those of you going on the PNW drive, see you in the morning. My car is super clean now, it won’t be when I arrive I imagine.

Oppo, please advise (Update) Oppo, please advise (Update)

I’m pretty upset right now. Only hours after having my new rims put on, I have some pot hole related damage. Any advice? Also, the tire is somewhat cut, but nothing serious.

Rolls Royce Cullinan North American Launch Rolls Royce Cullinan North American Launch

After it’s debut in London, the Cullinan has officially launched in North America. Can you guess which city? 6th largest market for Rolls Royce in the world. Still can’t guess? Maybe Los Angeles or maybe New York? Nope.


I went to the gym/pool at 6:00am this morning (who am I????) And saw this. Not a car I’d park at the pool, especially so close to the door.

Jalopnik Feature Ideas Jalopnik Feature Ideas

My comment on this mornings FP post about the Captiva fanboy got a lot of feedback and has convinced me that posting this type of stuff could become a great new feature. Bonus for Jalopnik is that it is an easy content mine.

What would Oppo do? What would Oppo do?

If parking at your office was valet only, would you use it? I parked for the first time in the new valet only lot and begged the valet to let me park my own car. He relented and I parked.

Tim Hortons

This is the real Timmies experience. I sure wouldn’t want to live in the shithole of a city where this occurred...wait....

Bent Rim Bent Rim

Sadly, one of my original rims is bent. I’ve purchased new rims from tirerack and had them rushed so I can try to have them installed for the Oppo drive on Saturday. What would Oppo recommend I do with the bent rim and the three remaining good ones***?

Met up with a Jalop today Met up with a Jalop today

Grabbed a beer with Someoneatacura today, always good to hang with local jalops and Oppo’s. I drove his Acura 2012 RDX SH-AWD. First time I’ve ever been in an Acura. I was impressed with the quirks and features.

Sunday Take: Bring Back the Justy Sunday Take: Bring Back the Justy

Dear Subaru, I would like to submit an idea for a product. As you well know, Crossovers and SUV’s dominate the marketplace right now. I think Subaru has a strong showing for these vehicles, but would like you to consider adding one more.

Sunny Weekend with no fun car Sunny Weekend with no fun car

The Fiesta ST has been in the shop for the last 2 days and will remain there over the weekend as it gets some upgrades, maintenance and warranty work done. Too bad, because this weekend is so pretty and I am stuck with a Fusion. Also, the Fusion doesn’t really fit in my carport very well.

Why I like Oppo/Jalopnik Why I like Oppo/Jalopnik

We all support each other. I know that some of you have low opinions of Jalop comment dwellers, but I don’t. I’ve met up with lots of people from Jalopnik (no easy feat) and they have all been great. I like that we all try to help and support each other and seem to genuinely care about each others wellbeing.

Yes please Yes please

Which kidney can I sell you? Link to car. I still want to do rally lights, but only have so much dosh I can use on cars.


This BSpec Fiesta is for sale. $18K Canadian or $13K US. A smokin deal for a car I can personally vouch for. The car seemed to run well and perform quite well. If I didn’t have my ST I’d have already bought this. Road legal...

Car Photos Car Photos

I think this might be my favorite photo of my truck that I’ve ever taken. Show me your best photo of your car!

Sports Car Club Race 2 Photos Sports Car Club Race 2 Photos

Repost for the Monday morning crowd! featuring 2 Radical SR1's! Hope you all had a Radical weekend.

Night Oppo (Truck Pics!) Night Oppo (Truck Pics!)

Insured the truck tonight, driving it to the track tomorrow for volunteering.

DOTS/SM70 Bait DOTS/SM70 Bait

Seen in Northern Washington

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