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Winter is Coming Winter is Coming

Temperatures are falling, weather is starting to get worse. I know that my time this year with the truck is limited. I will make a post later asking for advice on storage for both the truck and ST.

DOTS: Fort Langley DOTS: Fort Langley

Hell yeah. This guy’s a champ. So much car spotting to be had in my village.

Farewell Summer Photodump Farewell Summer Photodump

Well, today is the first full day of Autumn. I thought I’d do a summary of my summer adventures and experiences. I went through all my photos and here are my favorites.

COFL: On the road COFL: On the road

My new job requires me to drive a ton. Hence the Kia. I think I’m going to to start gathering photos of interesting things I find on my travels/investigations.

Truckin Truckin

Finally drove it again after at least 2 weeks. Also, today marks the first time I drove all four cars in the same day.

Mornin Mornin

I haven’t driven the truck for a couple weeks. I need to remedy that tonight.

What's Oppo Up To? What's Oppo Up To?

Drinking an Earl Grey IPA and playing Sid Meier’s Civ 5 with my wife. What are all of you drinking and doing?

Purchase Vs. List Price Purchase Vs. List Price

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I paid for my brand new 2018 Kia Forte (*vomit*). It was listed as $17,330CDN/$13289USD on the window sticker. I walked out having paid $11,720CDN/$9019.86USD. Plus taxes, levys and fees.

New Cars New Cars

Fucking touchscreens man. This is in the CX-3

Car Insurance Costs Car Insurance Costs

So a lot of Oppo’s have made comments about my car insurance costs both on Oppo and during Oppo meets. I thought I would make a post that explains why BC is an expensive place to insure a car.

Sad. Sad.

Now that I have 4 cars, I wish I could afford a detached house to keep them at. Sadly this infographic shows the median house price and the income you’d to buy it.

2018 Kia Forte LX - An Oppo Adjuster's Review 2018 Kia Forte LX - An Oppo Adjuster's Review

This is my Kia Forte LX. It has a 6 speed manual and not a whole lot else. It’s pretty comfortable, at least compared to the ST. Driving dynamics are for shit. Manual is in my opinion is terrible. I am glad I have this, I essentially drive in a 3rd world country (Surrey, sorry Haadoke) so wanted something that I…

I bought a car

I bought that 2018 Forte.  Fun times.  No’s a 2018 forte

Show me your keychains Show me your keychains

So, keychains are dying out with push to start and all that. I bought one for my ST yesterday and had one for my D100 already. Show me yours!

Car Shopping: Candidate #1 - Update II Car Shopping: Candidate #1 - Update II

I’m likely buying this thing. It’s fine. No AC (whatever, I have 2 others with it) no keyless entry (it unlocks like my D100!), no auto headlights. But it is a nice car, comfortable with an awesome price and warranty.

Car Shopping with COFL Car Shopping with COFL

So, this price has to be a fuckup right? $10,161CDN/$7716.11USD on a brand new Honda Civic EX trim. MSRP is $25,120 (CDN). The dealer is closed Sundays as it is firmly in Jesusland (Chilliwack, BC).

Car & Stuff Car & Stuff

First off, hug your significant other, kids, pets and cars. I saw some serious stuff today. I’m no soldier or first responder, but Christ. I came home and cried. Now cars!

Night. Night.

Hop in, we’ll go for a cruise.

Jerb Updates! Jerb Updates!

Well, I am employed again and looking hard at how to spend my car allowance. The PNW cruise really brought into focus how much I love my Fiesta ST still. So, I am not doing the Jeep thing. I am now looking at how much car I can get for $10K Canadian basically. This also means I will have 4 cars.... Jesus.

DOTS: Everything gets old DOTS: Everything gets old

This is eligible for collector plates and my truck isn’t. SAD! Seriously, this thing was mint. Fort Langley streets

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