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Late Fur Face Friday Late Fur Face Friday

My dogs brother passed away today. They are all 14 now. I was 13 when we got her. I’m now nearly 27. I decided I’d break the no dog in car rule (she lives with my parents). Just this once, for old times sake. She fell solidly asleep as we cruised around.

USPS Sucks USPS Sucks

I was sending some stuff to fellow oppos and I just have to say, compared to Canada Post, USPS sucks.

Insurance Stuff (Political??) Insurance Stuff (Political??)

Insurance is a product and just like other products, reflects the global trends, culture and zeitgeist. I wasn’t old enough to see the advent of Terrorism coverage after 911 but I have been around to see and handle my fair share of cyber claims. I came across this new offering tonight... Just sad that this is where we…

Hour Rule Hour Rule

Fort Langley hall

Meccanica Story Delayed Meccanica Story Delayed

Its been a really rough week claims wise. I will write this up tomorrow after I get back from the USA. Enjoy this in the meantime. I want this wrap for all my cars.

Dots Dots

Full post to come tomorrow

Behold, the new Oppo Flag Behold, the new Oppo Flag

Link and credit to Boxer_4

I want to hear your automotive close calls I want to hear your automotive close calls

In 2011, when I was 19, I nearly bought a Dodge Dart. For what it’s worth, I still think it is pretty attractive from some angles. Better than a Focus, that’s for sure. Hot take: Design/marketing has always been FCA’s strength. They do ads that pander to passion/heritage better than almost anyone else.

Early COFL Early COFL

Repost for the day crew: Early COFL, I’ve always been into vehicles apparently. In the last photo, you can see my truck in the background. I bet not many Oppos have pictures of their car alongside them as a child.


This news story details how someone got in another person’s car, drove it away and filled it with gas thinking it was their own. How do you possibly do that?

Off-Road! Off-Road!

I can join O&E now....right (I actually do want to join) Hammerheadfistpunch, can you assist?

Secret Senna Gift Dispatched Secret Senna Gift Dispatched

Hopefully it makes it there soon!

Vancity Oppo, wanna grab beers? Vancity Oppo, wanna grab beers?

I was thinking we could do beer at Yellow Dog brewing in Port Moody. There are few breweries next to each other there and ample parking. I was thinking 7:00pm

All Ready All Ready

How’s your Christmas prep coming?

Trying to Blend In Trying to Blend In

When did trucks get so massive?

Fort Langley, Early Morning Fort Langley, Early Morning

The Fraser Valley can be a very pretty place during frosty winter mornings.  Time to go get a Christmas Tree.

Another Day, More Photos Another Day, More Photos

If you want me to stop, just ask. Today’s final photos.

My Truck Before Pics Circa 2005 My Truck Before Pics Circa 2005

I’ve really enjoyed driving my D100 again after a month and a bit of being parked. I am not sure if I have ever shared the before photos. I think maybe one or two once.

Christmas Ram - Update (more pics) Christmas Ram - Update (more pics)

I still need to cut/modify the hat to make it fit a little better, but I am pleased with the initial results. I am also pleased that it has stayed on at 60km/h (40mph) given that his hat was designed for a guinea pig, not a pickup truck.

Forte Forte

I asked to make a 3 hour round trip to simply pick up some forms. It’s sunny and I drove into a really pretty area so I had no issues with that. What are you up to?

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