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Ugh. Ugh.

So, I got my drivers front wheel bearing replaced and it looks like the shop damaged my brake caliper, only cosmetically. I pointed it out to them, but they said they use padded equipment, blah blah blah. BUT! I am a claims guy extraordinaire! I take about 100 photos of my car before I hand it over to anyone. So that…

British Columbia Electric Railway - Fort Langley British Columbia Electric Railway - Fort Langley

Repost for morning crew. This leg of the electric railway used to connect New Westminster to Chilliwack, and now we don’t even have rapid transit to most of Surrey. Opened in 1904, this branch made it possible to ride all the way from Marpole in Vancouver to Chilliwack, only changing trains once. This is the Fort…

Night from Farm Country + Core Plug Gore Night from Farm Country + Core Plug Gore

The truck’s been gone for a week, getting some work done. I had the exhaust repaired and wow, huge difference. No smell, I don’t have to yell while driving. I’ll miss the smell and noise from the holes in a way.

Possible Review Possible Review

I may have an opportunity to rent this, either paid by my company or myself. If I took my GoPro and DSLR, would Oppo be interested in a full review?

Question: Why do you have what you have? Question: Why do you have what you have?

Why do you own the car or cars that you do? Was it a choice, due to circumstances in life or did it choose you instead of you choosing it?

Track Post 2 Track Post 2

I rode in a Lotus Elise today on a few racing laps. First off, I’m 6'2 and 195 lbs so I had to fracture every bone in my body to get in. Second, racing is very, very fast.

Morning Everyone. Morning Everyone.

This Dodge Caravan was one of my favorite cars at Lemay. It was so strange to see a car like this in just perfect condition.

Oppo - Your Thoughts Please Oppo - Your Thoughts Please

I need help. I am really, really thinking of getting rid of my Fiesta ST these days. I just commute, and commute and commute. Gas is $6.85CAD a gallon ($5.23USD) running 94 octane and I’m getting 21mpg in my ST right now. Also, it’s bumpy, loud, has 95,000kms and Myfordtouch.

Photographer Oppos Photographer Oppos

I recently posted a request recommendations on decent DSLRs in one of my posts. Well, I have procured a Canon EOS Rebel T2i. Not exactly the newest, but hey it was free and I know for a fact, unused. Tips/tricks/gear recommendations?

2018 BC Vintage Truck & Tractor Show 2018 BC Vintage Truck & Tractor Show

July 7th, despite being only 26, I joined the rows of old men in lawn chairs and took my truck to its first show. I guarantee you there are things here you don’t see at your standard show and shine. Some awesome big rigs if that’s your thing. I hope everyone enjoys the photos!

This is... Odd This is... Odd

This is supposed to be a vintage truck show (post to come later). But a Nash Metropolitan, Dodge Rampage (I’ll accept it) and a Daihatsu Midget II showed up. I’ve never seen a Rampage IRL.

Well... Shit. Update: It's a core plug Well... Shit. Update: It's a core plug

At first I thought it was a head gasket, but it appears to be a fairly accessable (thanks to the slant) core plug.

Lunch DOTS #4 Lunch DOTS #4

Another day, another stroll around my office’s neighbourhood. Come with me for a walk Oppo!

Unnecessary Car Shopping with COFL's Dad. Unnecessary Car Shopping with COFL's Dad.

I want to know people’s thoughts on a possible trade my father may make. He may trade his 1965 Stingray for this restomod Mustang.

Seattle Day Trip & Lemay Seattle Day Trip & Lemay

I went down to Seattle/Tacoma in Washington today, even though I was still tired from the Oppo meet last night. On a whim my Dad and I decided to go to Lemay “America’s Car Museum” and see what it was all about.

Vancouver Oppo/Jalopnik Meet II Vancouver Oppo/Jalopnik Meet II

Well, another Oppo/Jalopnik meet in the books! We had an attendance of 6 people:

Ready for tomorrow Ready for tomorrow

Oppo meet tomorrow, gonna have an FP writer in my car. That will be weird.

Vancouver Jalop/Oppo Meet II (with special guest) Vancouver Jalop/Oppo Meet II (with special guest)

TL;DR: Vancouver Oppo meet with David Obuchowski, if you have not RSVP’d, please do below. Date & Time: June 29th at 6:00pm at Granville Island Brewing. Looking forward to it! I’ll have my Fiesta ST. Estimated attendance: 10 people (give or take a few)

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