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Ghost of A Chance Ghost of A Chance

Tim’s beard; also, close captioning.

Sling TV, FSD, Red Wings - Sad Face Edition Sling TV, FSD, Red Wings - Sad Face Edition

I inhabit a world where I am both a cable-cutter AND I still want to (legally) pay to watch the Detroit Red Wings ...worse, I live at the very edge of FS-Detroit coverage so I am blacked out on Found out today that Sling is now doing a beta with FS Regional availability. My heart skipped a beat. Was this the…


As long as the next great idea isn’t a Jalop-modo cross day, we’ll be fine. Our safe space is safe. Right everyone? Right??

No no no no no no no no

“Autocar in the UK said the concept will become the next Z sports car. The magazine predicted it would use Renault-Nissan’s new CMF-B platform that will underpin the next Nissan Juke.”

Ray Wert Sighting... Ray Wert Sighting... my place of employment (not to be revealed) and almost asked him if he would dragon the new F-Pace. Held off due to not having been formally introduced/having a real life fanboy moment.

Oh hey everyone...

Just checking out the Jalop homepage and oh jesus I don't even where are my sparklers I need a drink jesus oh jesus who even knows what is going on I don't even like Ford why are my pants off. Spoiler alerts would have been nice in the main banner, my ticker just about went out.

New T-Swizzle New T-Swizzle

New album drops today, Christmas Ale from Great Lakes is available everywhere in the 419, roast is in the oven and I have an amazing wife. What more can one want from life?

Oh Charlie...

...where for art thou Charlie?

I'm having heart palpitations... I'm having heart palpitations...

"My god, it's full of stars."

There are singers... There are singers...

...and then there is Lukey-boy. God rest his soul.

An Open Letter To Sergio Marchionne... An Open Letter To Sergio Marchionne...

Greetings Mr. Marchionne, I feel a need to write to you in this forum because we are both men of this industry; while we also enjoy sweaters over dress shirts, the comparison probably ends there. I do not work for your company in any capacity and, outside of being from Toledo, I have no dog in this fight. But - as men…

Aero Racing (Morgan Motorsports) Aero Racing (Morgan Motorsports)

I'm seriously losing my mind with want over this. I know a Caterham is faster and cheaper, I know that other brands (like Chevrolet or Ford or Mazda) have more accessible options, but my god, these are awesome. And that flat red paint? Oy. I have also heard they are working on an Aero 3 Wheeler which I will promptly…

I hate cross-posting to another blog...

...but who wouldn't want a 211 Boxster?

Would You Rather: Sportscar Showdown Would You Rather: Sportscar Showdown

I give credit to ZachR, whether you agree with the definition and the cars listed in his post (here) he has certainly gotten a lot of people thinking about sports cars today, myself included.

Being Available

Look, I am all for the cross posting between other sites and Kinja...but don't half-ass it. When people are commenting and are stuck in the grey because no one is minding the comments for this specific post, it smacks of simply not giving a fuck. Pat our backs, we'll pat yours.

Review All The Things

It must be that time...

Roller Skates

What roller skates?? No but seriously, this song has got some soul.

Subaru Motorsports… Here's the thing...I have no idea what they would "return" to.

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