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"John the Baptist" (1970) "John the Baptist" (1970)

When my head’s cut off and I’m lying on the plate I’m going to grin and tell myself it’s been a lovely wait.

"UNKLE Main Title Theme" (1998) "UNKLE Main Title Theme" (1998)

“Little by little, we went insane.”

"Andy From Lake Newbridge" "Andy From Lake Newbridge"

“I’m a carp.”

"The Clown" (1957) "The Clown" (1957)

Featuring Jean Shepherd — yes, that Jean Shepherd.

The Twelve-Hour E-Bola The Twelve-Hour E-Bola

Radio’s a heartbreak, B-Man. You’re the Night Emperor now.

J-Men Forever (1979) J-Men Forever (1979)

A staple of the old Night Flight days. Script by Phil Proctor and Peter Bergman of Firesign Theatre fame.

"It was so ding-dang cold the stuff in my nose just freeze up." "It was so ding-dang cold the stuff in my nose just freeze up."

This is me whenever the temperature drops below 50º F.

I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts

Last night I had to keep myself from using the phrases “eaten by wolves” and “he was delicious” on social media. I do not think this sensible restraint will last.

The Great '90s Alt-Country Divorce The Great '90s Alt-Country Divorce

At some point the back and forth ends.

NorthPark Mall in True Stories (1986) NorthPark Mall in True Stories (1986)

The interior sequence, anyway. I have no idea where they shot the exteriors. That could be any semi-abandoned mall in the American suburbs of the ‘80s. NorthPark’s mid-’60s era architecture remains virtually unchanged today, though it’s expanded dramatically since the end of the ‘90s. The Gap is still there; I picked…

"Astral Weeks" (Nov. 29, 1968) "Astral Weeks" (Nov. 29, 1968)

“What he lacked in glamour he made up in strangeness, or rather his strangeness made glamour impossible, and at the same time captivated some who felt strange themselves.”

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