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White People: Still Funny.

OMG the horror in this white lady’s voice when she has to acknowledge that white people are racist and the Negroes are smart. LOLOL

Hospice AMA: Hospice, Medicare, and You

Hospice is primarily paid for by Medicare or Medicaid sometimes a combination of both, for reasons that are so convoluted it would make your head spin, and Private Insurance. The requirements for Medicare and Medicaid are somewhat consistent and each Private Insurance company is different because, you know, free…

Hospice AMA: Introduction 

So I started to write this and it got crazy long, so I thought the smart thing to do would be to break it up into parts. So this first part is just an initial intro.

Possible AMA: About Hospice Would You Care?

Hey I had been thinking for a while, that I would do a AMA about hospice. And what it is and what it does. And the practicality of what is supposed to happen vs what actually happens.

White Men are Ridiculous 

All the names have been changed to protect privacy.

Where There is A Racist White Woman....

There is also a White Man ready to cape for her.

I'm Mad Late: The Boondocks

Regina King was voicing Huey AND Riley!!!!!!!


Have you seen Ali’s Wedding on Netflix?

Colorism Doesn't Exist

There is no such thing as colorism. If you are observing it, than you are just probably reading into something that isn’t there, because colorism doesn’t exist. It is not real. We are all black. We are all equal. Slavery is freedom. War is Peace. Ignorance is Strength.

Dear, White Women....

Y’all need to come get your cousin Cathy, she out here wildin’ the fuck out.

That Awkward Moment When You're the Chase Ho IRL

Y’all this is so messy. I can’t. I’m living.

A Lesson in Misogynoir 

Ladies and Gentelman I Present a comment from “Vigor”

What Five Movies Define You?

So Av Club had this article

Let's Play a Game.

Real or a Russian bot?

Unpopular Opinion: Culture Edition

What’s a big pop cultural moment, television show, or film that you just didn’t get or were on the other side of the tracks? (note: you are not allowed to say Black Panther fam, still too soon.)

Shout Out to White People

I just want to say you know, white people you really called it.

Me Before You: WTF!

This film has been out since like 2016 Y’all.

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