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My boss wants my opinion on whether we should hire this registered sex offender or not.

Question For The Hive

Hey, so I am going to cairo and I’m staying with a my friend at her parent’s house and I want to bring them a gift to say thank you for letting me stay there. So, you know how there are certain things, depending on the country, that are super expensive there due to laws and stuff, but super cheap in the US, therefore…

Where's Aaron Eckhart? 

I was watching Conversations with Other Women and then No Reservations, and I remembered, I really like Aaron Eckhart. Where he at?

Discrimination and Barriers to Success in Real Time

I think I have told you guys before, but I work for a small hospice and my boss/owner is a black woman. That’s important for you to know. Also important, the company has been around for 5 years and been in the black for all of those years. Now the story.

Question: Help Me Out

I have a patient (she’s African American) and the family has all these old photographs of her mom and her dad and other family members from the early 1900's. And the family was just going to throw them away, but I remembered that someone (Smithsonian? Yale?) is collecting photographs of early black life in the United…

Jesus Be a Fence.

I have a lot of feelings about this. Like her momma black, but y’all.

Poll: What Name Do you Like the Best? (updated: New Choices)

I’m writing a character and I need to pick his name and I have narrowed it down to the following choices.

Why POC Are Necessary At Every Intersection. 

This white lady really did try to say that Thomas Jefferson was the MLK Jr. before MLK Jr.

Navient, We Gon Fight.

Listen, y’all know good and well that I haven’t paid you in a good long while.

We Live In The Darkest Fucking Timeline

I was doing some research trying to figure out what companies use prison labor, the names of the companies are hard to come by, shocker. But while I was looking around. I found this.

Oh, Janet. You had me and then you lost me.

The paragraph at the end that I have bolded is why I stay cool on Janet Mock.

Sooo Uhhh....Joss...

You gon throw me that Producer credit? or nah?

White People: Still Funny.

OMG the horror in this white lady’s voice when she has to acknowledge that white people are racist and the Negroes are smart. LOLOL

Hospice AMA: Hospice, Medicare, and You

Hospice is primarily paid for by Medicare or Medicaid sometimes a combination of both, for reasons that are so convoluted it would make your head spin, and Private Insurance. The requirements for Medicare and Medicaid are somewhat consistent and each Private Insurance company is different because, you know, free…

Hospice AMA: Introduction 

So I started to write this and it got crazy long, so I thought the smart thing to do would be to break it up into parts. So this first part is just an initial intro.

Possible AMA: About Hospice Would You Care?

Hey I had been thinking for a while, that I would do a AMA about hospice. And what it is and what it does. And the practicality of what is supposed to happen vs what actually happens.

White Men are Ridiculous 

All the names have been changed to protect privacy.

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