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Rat bike Rat bike

First full day of riding the bike in a long time. She seems to be running a bit rich (wanting to stall at lights after heavy acceleration) but otherwise ran well.I’ll have to adjust the carbs a bit, but she pulls hard and loves to rev. Taught a marathon of classes and did some warehouse work, so cruising around in…


Harrowing tale out of the graveyard of empires. I hope this woman has found her son and that he can find some peace. Fitting date for this to pop up on the BBC. There have been a handful of Soviet soldiers found alive in Afghanistan decades after the war,so hopefully he’s another one.

A Brap a Day A Brap a Day


When I Got the Music, I Got a Place to Go When I Got the Music, I Got a Place to Go

Saturday mornings are my time to sit down and relax while I try to learn something new. I’ll usually look around for National Geographic videos, but today I stumbled upon some new auditory knowledge. I found a treasure trove of RL Burnside video recordings. The videos were filmed in 1978 by Alan Lomax at Burnside’s…

New Tank Art New Tank Art

I’ve been working on cleaning up my fuel system over the last few months. In the process of cleaning rust out of the tank I ended up pouring fuel all over my paint job. The bike definitely has a rat rod aesthetic to it, so I wasn’t too worried. Today I got a wild hair up my ass and decided to clear away the teal…

Fog Fog

The area I’m at has been covered in fog all day. It’s pretty nuts. I feel like a sponge soaking up all this moisture. This breakfast did a good job of soaking up all the rum I’ve been drinking.

After four days of camping around Kauai, it’s time for some showers. After four days of camping around Kauai, it’s time for some showers.

Then on to more camping. Have some cool pics. I smell like sweat and rum.

Time for some fun. Time for some fun.

We’re off for a week or so of camping around Kauai. Plan on backpacking into the Waimea Canyon for our first few nights, then on to the coast for some beach camping. I’ll have to significantly lighten this load before we head down into the canyon.

RIP, my neighbors year-old roof. RIP, my neighbors year-old roof.

Just had a real doozey roll through. Power has been out for two hours. The storm dropped the temp down to 75F, but it’s now back up to 87F. I might be in for a sweaty night. Trees and powerlines down all over the hood.

Desert bugs. Desert bugs.

I love these guys. They commiserate with you as your lifeforce slowly melts away while trimming trees in the oppressive heat. Their electric buzz softly singing you to sleep as the sun enevlopes you in her scalding embrace. When my life finally runs it’s course, I hope I’m lucky enough to have my nostrils filled with…

Street justice Street justice

Slobodan Milosevic: Ex-Serbia leader’s war crimes lawyer shot dead

Zen and the Art of Fuel System Maintenance Zen and the Art of Fuel System Maintenance

I was in need of some zen, so I pulled my carbs and tank off this weekend in order to clean them up. Decided to go old school and just clean the inside of the tank using muriatic acid. I usually mix some two-stroke oil into my gas to keep it rust free, but I had let it sit for a while with half a tank.

I Believe. I Believe.

I present,

Bartending with Skychismo Bartending with Skychismo

I’m gonna call this drink El Escorpión, because it leaves a nice, low level burning and tingling sensation in your mouth, much like the sting of a scorpion. Unlike a scorpion sting, there’s no initial hammer blow when it first hits your lips. This baby comes on sweet and smooth, leaving you with some very nice spicey…

Scheisse... Scheisse...

It seems I borked a wheel speed sensor while swapping the struts out. I also ended up breaking an endlink bolt, so now the X1 is sitting on new struts and new endlinks. Despite the christmas tree, the car rides like new. I’m recuperating over a forty of Mickeys and a carne asada burrito. Pray for me, Oppo.

1998 was twenty years ago? 1998 was twenty years ago?

Me, watching the World Cup. Shit, what’s my age again?

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