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Scheisse... Scheisse...

It seems I borked a wheel speed sensor while swapping the struts out. I also ended up breaking an endlink bolt, so now the X1 is sitting on new struts and new endlinks. Despite the christmas tree, the car rides like new. I’m recuperating over a forty of Mickeys and a carne asada burrito. Pray for me, Oppo.

1998 was twenty years ago? 1998 was twenty years ago?

Me, watching the World Cup. Shit, what’s my age again?

*UPDATE* Dear steering knuckle, *UPDATE* Dear steering knuckle,

Fuck you. Deport all BMWs. Straight axle master race. Send more hammers...and beer.

Lightning Strike Lightning Strike

Third straight evening of monsoons. Lightening hit a grocery store causing its roof to catch fire and collapse. Reports are that everyone is ok. Big ass fire though. It’s about ten miles from where I took this pic.

Rest in Peace, Road Warrior. Rest in Peace, Road Warrior.

Just heard about the passing of William Dunlop. Condolences to the Dunlop family. Send lots of positive vibes towards his granny and mother. Those two have had to deal with a too much death. And brother, Michael, who’s got to be feeling very lonely right now.

First monsoon of the season First monsoon of the season

It got a bit windy. 75 mph gusts reported. Poor saguaro.

Send Beer Send Beer

Yard work was a bad idea. Saved it for today as it was 120 yesterday.

No Warranties No Masters No Warranties No Masters

First bit of out of waranty repairs on my 107k mile X1. The top of the fuel sender developed a bunch of hairline cracks and was seeping fuel. The fumes didn’t make it into the cabin, but you could clearly smell it outside of the car. New sender along with two pump seals ran me $185 from AutohausAZ (great place if you…

A thing rarely Svended A thing rarely Svended

I rarely wash my cars on account of me taking them into the desert every other week and the fact that we have no water here. I gave the Joop a quick wash and wax and finally treated her badly faded fenders. I used 303 brand protectant which yielded fantastic results. This stuff was expensive, so I’m hoping it lasts a…

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